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Sustainable log buildings through intelligent design

“Log construction demands the highest skill, and the numerous terms employed in connection with the technique bear witness to a specialized and refined craftsmanship.”

‘Early Wooden Architecture in Norway’
Gunner Bugge, 1969

A brief history

In times past, people built their own homes, grew their own food and made their own clothes. The knowledge of building crafts was generally passed from father to son or master to apprentice. Then, with industrialisation and the population shift from country to cities, the knowledge was put aside and much of it was lost.

The log cabin is the traditional building technique used across much of central and northern Europe, with its practice dating back over a thousand years in Scandinavia. This log construction method has stood the test of time, and modern building materials because of its versatility. Put in simple terms it can be used to construct almost any building, from the huge vaulted churches of northern Russia, to the small sauna buildings in Scandinavia. Wherever logs are an abundant resource they have been used to build.
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What We Can Offer

In Britain we had a broad tradition of building with timber, but over the last hundred years we have seen an increasing reliance on brick, concrete, concrete block, steel and glass. More recently however, with an ever increasing demand on resources and pressure to reduce CO2 emissions, we have an opportunity to redress the balance. By incorporating the technology of northern Europe with the vast timber resource prevalent in this region we can design and construct buildings that have virtually no carbon footprint and require much less energy to inhabit.

We can draw upon a wealth of architectural styles and translate these into a traditional styled building or one that is more contemporary. Just as each log is different every building is also unique, appealing to the senses and inspiring to be in.

Flexible construction

Like all things, log cabins have had to evolve to meet ever higher standards to comply with building regulations. We at Log Cabin UK pride ourselves in making sure that we don’t just achieve the bare minimum but surpass the standards to ensure that you don’t get the best just for today but also for tomorrow and an ever demanding future.

Log cabins are wonderfully versatile constructions which can have any number of finishes to suit a variety of needs and tastes. These can be natural materials like a pure wood or stone finish. Or more contemporary with plaster board, glass or metal finishes.

For a more ecological approach we can install renewable heating systems with heat recovery and low energy heat sources, like under floor heating or skirting radiators. We can ensure that all insulation and additional materials are renewable and sustainably sourced.

Whatever your tastes and requirements, Log Cabin UK based in Aberystwyth can design and build you the cabin of your dreams.
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