Log house pricing

Log cabins are the perfect choice when considering
a new house or building

Each building Log Cabin UK of Aberystwyth construct is unique and individual to the customer, therefore we cannot offer an “off the shelf” price. What we do have, however, are guide prices based upon previous projects.

When calculating a price for a particular cabin we have to bear in mind a number of factors that will influence the overall cost.

The factors that affect the price are:
  • Building size and shape
  • Location of building
  • The number of doors and windows
  • The size and specifications of doors and windows
  • Style of roof and material used
  • Flooring specification (i.e. thickness and species used)
  • The number of internal walls and partitions
  • The number of storeys
  • The type of staircase

Custom designed log cabin

There are a number of ways in which we can work with you to achieve the construction of your desired house.

We can:

View some of our completed projects

To give you an estimation of the cost of a new building from Log Cabin UK we have a showcase of some of the previous projects we have completed recently.
Completed projects
tiled roof
For log house pricing based on any of our designs, contact Log Cabin UK of Aberystwyth on 
01970 832 328
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