Log house designs

Log house designs

The success of any building is a result of good design and at Log Cabin UK based in Aberystwyth, we take into account various factors when designing your building

Design factors we take into account:

We have gained valuable experience over the last decade by designing and building projects by initially using traditional hand crafted techniques and then using this experience to work with machine profiled logs to deliver buildings that are both unique and versatile. Before we begin designing your log cabin we look at:
  • The purpose of the building
  • Any environmental or geographical constraints
  • Local building regulations
  • Aesthetics
log building

Timber homes

Designed to fit into any situation

Through our understanding of timber, and our experience gained in both Scandinavia and Central Europe, we are able to create our own design solutions to best fit the requirements of any project.

We also have the benefit of state-of-the-art architectural design software that can provide a high quality visual representation of the finished cabin. Therefore the customer can have an accurate idea of what their building will look like before any work is carried out.

The building you desire and require

At all times during the design process a dialogue will be kept between the client, and our designers, ensuring that you get the building that you desire and require.

The flexibility of the raw material used means that buildings can be designed to fit into any situation.
wood and stained glass
For beautiful log cabin designs, Log Cabin UK based in Aberystwyth is your first port of call
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